This documentary/montage style video was created for Avondale Fire & Medical and the City of Avondale. The idea was to use my own experiences as a Firefighter to show the types of calls, training and inter-departmental functions Avondale Firefighters may encounter in any given 48 hour shift. 

The bulk of this video was shot "run and gun" style with multiple cameras, as it happens in real time. 


commercial / product

This product video was created to showcase the easy-of-use for a newly patented ladder tool. This prototype and the video of use were presented to a large scale tool company for a manufacturing and distribution deal.

This video was shot in one location with motion graphics and effects added in post-production. 



A short wedding video created for the purpose of sharing on social media. My intent is always to try and capture the feeling and emotion of the day, but more importantly the individuals that will be sharing their lives together. 

This video was shot in two locations with multiple cameras and audio recording devices. A longer (20 min) video was also created for the Bride, Groom and family.